lördag, maj 06, 2006

First dive with the new lamp!!!!

So just a quick note on my first dive with my divelamp... I will get back to you with some photos from getting into to the water and how I was mounting the lamp onto my other gear.

For me this was a success, this lamp!!! Me and Jörgen went to the wreck Falken (
http://www.dykarna.nu/diveSpots/show.asp?dyk=20) at Kungsholmen/Fredhäll in Stockholm. For me it was the first dive for the season plus a bunch of new gear:
- My homemade divelamp
- New divecomputer
- New Harness, Backplate and Wing (Never used wing before this dive)
- 2 new regulators with long- and shorthose
- New Mask
- New manometre (?is it called that?)

The visability was about 1 meter and very dark down at the wreck so my lamp was really tested... not in depth but how it was ligting up in the dark of Mälaren and also if it might leak or not...

So how was the lamp?? Fantastic... :D Shining reall nice and bright, easy to handle (with the goodman-grip) and switch-on-off. But when I got up from the dive I realised 2 leaks... First one (Which I thought it might be) was the connection into the lid of canister.

So I will probably still use this contact but I will put glue on the inside in and arround the contact (next picture)

The next leak was in the lamp-housing, also the cable connector and I will fix that eaither with glue or silicon from the inside:

The leaks wasn´t that bad at all. The first one gave about ½ DL of water in the canister so it was no problem using it through-out the whole 35 min dive. The second one gave just some dampness in the lamphousing whish is not bad at all... but I need to fix it before I go any deeper than these 13 meters....

Next I will make a list of all the parts with the prices and where I bought them, that will just be an suggestion where to buy them.. If you find them cheaper somewhere else please post a comment or just mail me... That will also show how much I payd to build this very simple and good divelamp... ;) And photos of course mounted on my divegear.